7 MLS records Messi could break at  Inter Miami

Lionel Messi has arrived in MLS

Here are 7 MLS records Messi could break at Inter Miami


Most MLS Goals in a  Single Season

Carlos Vela | 34 Goals

In 2019, Vela, a striker for Los Angeles FC, scored a record-breaking 34 goals in a single MLS season.

Most MLS Assists in a Single Season

Carlos Valderrama | 26 Assists

In 2000, Carlos Valderrama showcased his incredible playmaking skills for Team Tampa Bay Mutiny, made 26 assists.

Most MLS Goals from Free Kicks

Sebastian Giovinco | 13 Goals

Sebastian Giovinco, a true free-kick master, has scored 3 sensational goals from set-pieces in the MLS.

Most Hat Tricks  in MLS

Josef Martínez | 6 Hat Tricks

Josef Martínez holds the record for the most hat tricks in MLS with 6 hat tricks.

All-time most goals in MLS

Chris Wondolowski | 171 Goals

The all-time goalscoring record was set by Chris Wondolowski with 171 goals.

All-time most assists in MLS

Landon Donovan | 136 Assists

Landon Donovan, the USA legend, holds the all-time assists record with 136, with the majority of them achieved during his time at LA Galaxy.

Best Goal Scoring streak in MLS

Josef Martínez | 15 Matches

The longest goalscoring streak was set by Josef Martinez back in 2019 scoring in 15 successive matches