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Samuel Umtiti joins Lille after Barcelona exit

Samuel Umtiti, the 29-year-old French World Cup-winning defender, has signed a two-year contract with LOSC Lille as a free agent. After his recent release from Barcelona earlier this month, he made this decision. He played for Lyon until 2016 before moving to Spain.

“The great Sam is back,” said Lille president Olivier Letang.

Umtiti said that he was “feeling good physically” and ready to play for Lille, despite his history of injuries.

He added:

“I really want to be successful with Lille, if I am, other things will come with it, I don’t worry about that.”

“I have already tasted the France team, experienced exceptional moments, obviously these are things that I want to relive.

“I know their qualities, I saw that this team lacked a bit of experience at times, but I will not be able to do everything alone.”

Instead of returning to Lyon, Umtiti has chosen to embark on a new adventure with LOSC Lille.

Umtiti explains why he didn’t join Lyon

I prefer to be honest. I left France belonging to a club which is Lyon. I was formed there and my heart is part of this town he first recalled. Coming back to France, logically, I was thinking of Lyon, I’ll be honest. In the end, I chose to go to a club that wanted me, that had the same principles and values ​​as me, where I found myself as a man and as a football player. I signed here, for Losc. Lyon, I don’t want to talk about it. I came here, I want us to talk about Lille. Lyon is not the subject today, nor tomorrow


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